Congratulations Valpak! 100 Sprints and Still Agile Strong


This past Friday, Valpak celebrated its 100th sprint with a Sprint Review celebration like no other.  Just to put this milestone into perspective …

Sprint 1 started back on October 14, 2011.  That means 100 (mostly 2-week) sprints took us 4.25 years which in working time equates to …

  • 220 Weeks
  • 1,100 Days
  • 8,800 Hours
  • 528,000 Seconds

Or put another way, we accomplished …

  • 8,462 Stories
  • 38,091 Story Points
  • 42,310 Tasks
  • 6,400 Standups (that’s a lot of calories burnt)
  • ∞ Value Delivered

We moved our Sprint Reviews out of a conference room and into our main break area.


Teams performed their Sprint Review while also paying tribute to the 100th sprint milestone in their own way.


We celebrated our 100th sprint with a 100 cupcake salute.


Each cupcake represented a sprint. A flag was placed in each cupcake with the most significant accomplishment of that sprint across all teams.


You could literally eat your favorite (or not so favorite) sprint.


We did a random drawing based on the sprint number of the cupcake you ate.


At the end of the Sprint Reviews, Chris Cate (CIO & EVP) said a few words of appreciation and encouragement. Notice the CIO Magazine cover we Photoshopped for the occasion.



About Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis is Senior Director of Enterprise Agility & Digital Product Leadership at Cox Target Media. In this role, Stephanie champions agility across the enterprise, leads the Agile PMO, and manages the CTM portfolio while also overseeing the Digital Product Leadership team. Stephanie leads the team of Agile Project Leaders in the roles of ScrumMaster, Kanban Lead, and/or Agile Project Manager as well as overseeing the IT Business Analysts. Stephanie is a career project leader with over 16 years in the field, including past positions with AT&T Business and IBM Global Services, and has maintained the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification since early in her career. She also maintains the PMI-Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP) and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) credentials. Her academic credentials include a BS in Marketing and an MBA in International Business. Stephanie serves and supports Agile within her community and beyond as organizer for the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup and the Agile Open Florida. Most recently, Stephanie has been elected to the Agile Alliance board for the 2015 to 2017 term. View all posts by Stephanie Davis

One response to “Congratulations Valpak! 100 Sprints and Still Agile Strong

  • Becky Hartman

    Absolutely outstanding! Congrats ValPak Team! That’s a lot of hard work and perseverance. Great example for those in the weeds going through transformation at all levels. Thanks for sharing your journey with us all.

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