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Thoughts on Agile Acceptance

Cara Penyak, an Agile Project Leader on my team, volunteered at the Global Scrum Gathering in Orlando last week and brought me back a new friend, Lee Allison.  Lucky me!  I don’t even need to attend a conference to make new friends.  Anyhow, Lee asked me to review his latest blog post “Agile Acceptance” and I thought what better topic to re-blog than this.
A framework is defined as “a basic structure underlying a system, concept, or text.”  Seems pretty straightforward but, among the agile community, frameworks are super polarizing for whatever reason.  If frameworks represent a “basic structure” then they are surely intended to be adapted.   Who cares which scaling framework you start or end with?  
It’s the Agile Manifesto we should all be upholding.  It’s adapting to change over following a plan which makes us agile, not which framework we choose or even which certifications for frameworks we hold. Let’s not forget our roots!  What’s most important are those 4 values and 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto.  In fact, the Agile Manifesto is framework agnostic.  Basically, Scrum, SAFe, LESS, or whatever isn’t the only way to be Agile.  There is no one right way!