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Valpak Mentioned In Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework Blog

Valpak just caught the attention of Dean Leffingwell, Agile guru and father of SAFe (the Scaled Agile Framework that we have adopted).  Over the weekend, he posted a blog reviewing the “Managed Agile Development: Making Agile Work for Your Business” book that contains our Agile transformation case study.  He refers to our case study as “interesting”.  This is kind of a big deal … to me, at least.


The SAFe website sees over 80,000 page views by 10,000 unique visitors per month. It will also be posted to Dean’s personal blog and appear on a new permanent Case Study page at the SAFe web site.

Must be good. We’re in a book!

Managed Agile Development book coverIt’s been just over 16 months since we — that is Valpak’s Information Technology & Support Services (ITSS) organization — underwent a massive transformation to an Agile software development culture using Scrum and Kanban methodologies.  And, I’m proud to say that our scaling of Agile across 70+ people with (currently) 10 Scrum teams and 3 Kanban teams is considered a successful implementation of Dean Leffingwell’s Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).  It must be good.  We’re in a book!  That’s right.  We are featured as a case study in a newly published book by Charles G. Cobb, “Managed Agile Development: Making Agile Work For Your Business”.  Charles heard about Valpak’s Agile transformation through my blog and asked that we contribute our story to the book.  The book is now available for sale at Amazon and Charles will be presenting a synopsis of the book to the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup group in April at the Valpak Manufacturing Center.