Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy 3-Year Agile Anniversary, Valpak!

Three years ago this month, Valpak fundamentally changed the way we work, beginning in our IT organization and spreading out across the rest of the enterprise this year.  We have learned what it means to be an Agile enterprise by embracing the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto in everything we do here at work and for some of us in our personal lives too.  We also practice what we preach by applying Scrum and Kanban practices to teams, departments, and projects across the enterprise.

It’s been a busy third year for Agile at Valpak.

Announcing Mrs. Davis

For those of you that know me by more than iamagile or allpowerfulstephanie, my name it is a changin’ … I am now “Stephanie Davis” as a result of marrying the super, extraordinary Sean Davis.  Thank you and goodbye.