Monthly Archives: July 2013

Where Are We In Our Agile Journey?: An Agile Survey Approach

It’s been almost 2 years since we, here at Valpak, set out on our Agile journey.  While we’ve had literally hundreds and hundreds of retrospectives for everything from sprints to releases to projects, we decided it was time for a more global approach.  With that in mind, we worked with our very own Marketing Research department to come up with two surveys, one for team members and one for stakeholders.  The intent of surveying these two groups was to see (from a global perspective) where we are at in our Agile journey and to seek out improvement opportunities.   I am pleased to share both surveys with you today.

Feel free to use or abuse as you see fit within your organization.  Be sure to follow my blog and I’ll post the results of these surveys in a couple weeks.

Special thanks go out to Mark Smith and Jody Wagman (who also happens to be a Product Owner too) of our Marketing Research department for teaching us all about non-biased questions and making this survey possible.