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Picture This! Valpak’s Agile Work Spaces

This might be my favorite post yet because it’s all pictures and few words.  In helping my boss to prepare for his talk at the Agile Executive Forum in Washington DC next week, I took some pretty good pictures of our (Valpak’s) Agile work spaces to share with you all.  Enjoy!


“The Park” is home to most of our IT Scrum and Kanban boards. This is where they have their daily standups. Whiteboard artwork by Ken Pace, one of our UI guys.


Another view inside “The Park”.


One perspective of The Agile Manifesto art wall in IT.


Another perspective of The Agile Manifesto art wall in IT.


And, yet another perspective of The Agile Manifesto art wall in IT.


Even the outside of “The Park” is used for board space.


A view from where the BI Scrum team sits looking towards The Agile Manifesto art wall.


The view from the aisle looking towards The Agile Manifesto art wall.


The view from the main walkway through IT looking towards The Agile Manifesto art wall.


IT is located right next to the BI and Finance teams. They’ve got the super cool Big Data art wall.


Our executives are located in an area called “Downtown”. This is a view of the Portfolio Kanban located in the Downtown Kitchen. The executives have a weekly standup at this board.


The art wall in our Digital area has a rocket ship.


Some whiteboard fun from our Digital teams plus their Scrum board.


A panoramic view of “The Park”, 360 degrees of Scrum and Kanban boards for our IT teams. Notice Dudley the Doughbot hanging out.


Another panoramic view of “The Park”, 360 degrees of Scrum and Kanban boards for our IT teams.


And, yet another panoramic view of “The Park”, 360 degrees of Scrum and Kanban boards for our IT teams.

Random Things … But Totally Agile

I’ll be at Agile2015 in Washington DC the first week in August.  Are you going?  Look for me in the Agile Alliance lounge when I’m not in a session.  I’ve also got a talk scheduled for Tuesday morning with Mark Kilby“User Group Dying? Time to Start a State-Wide Learning Network”.  And, my boss, Chris Cate (EVP & CIO of Cox Target Media) will be speaking at the nearby Agile Executive Forum.

For those of you that go to you conferences looking for some cool new gear, I’ve got great news for you!  This year at Agile2015, a limited number of cool t-shirts will be available for purchase in the book store.  Only 50 of each of these designs are available.  Get ’em while they last!


Did you attend OnAgile 2015 on May 14th on “Navigating the Future: Emerging Technical Trends and Practices”?  If not, no worries!   The virtual conference is still available on-demand until August 14th.  Register here and experience the first ever virtual conference of the Agile Alliance at your leisure.

Tampa Bay Agile recently welcomed its 900th member.  Congratulations Tampa Bay Agile!  We have grown by over 900% in about 3 years.  This speaks volumes to the state of Agile across the Tampa Bay community.  Do you want to speak at an upcoming Tampa Bay Agile meetup?  Ping me.

We just wrapped up our 2nd annual Agile Open Florida!  We had close to 200 attendees from all over the state of Florida.  A recap with notes, photos, and a quick video can be found here.  It was incredible how relevant the “No One Size Fits All” theme was.


Well, I made the finals in the Technology category for the Tampa Bay Business Journal BusinessWoman of the Year.  I must say that use of the words “dominant” and “fixture” is quite strong, but I’ll take it.  I’m honored to be up against friend and fellow BusinessWoman, Joy Randels, (again) too.

Last but not least, I’ve got something very special coming your way in August.  Some of you may recall the Valpak Agile Transformation video from 2012.  Well, it’s so 3 years ago.  For the past few months, The Amazing Toby and I have been working on a new video for Valpak with some super challenging but seriously cool use of GoPros.  The goal of this new video is to:

  • Follow-up (update) to the original video that was done in 2012. Many of the people that appeared in that video are no longer with the company and we are further along in our Agile journey now.
  • Showcase our new workspaces and our Agile culture
  • Demonstrate where we are at in our Agile journey
  • Capture the essence of an Agile tour without actually filming a tour