Sprint Planning, Team Capacity Calculator

Some of our Product Owners and managers expressed an interest in the ScrumMasters refining the team capacity calculations that we facilitate during sprint planning.  There may be hundreds of these online, but attached is our version of a Team Capacity Calculator.  The best approach is to bring this spreadsheet up on the big screen and fill it in live at the start of sprint planning.

Hope others may find it useful.  Feedback welcome!


About Stephanie Davis

Stephanie is now VP of Product Excellence at LeadingAgile focused on the growth, development, and delivery of some amazing agile products.  Recently, she spent the past two years as Executive Director - Enterprise Agility Office at Catalina leading another top-to-bottom, inside-out agile transformation.  Prior to that, Stephanie was Senior Director of Enterprise Agility at Valpak. She was with Valpak for 13 years, most of which were focused on leading their agile transformation to what became a world renowned success story published in case studies and demonstrated to over 50 different companies through the years via agile tours.  Prior to Valpak, Stephanie held past positions in the project management domain with AT&T and IBM. Stephanie's academic credentials include a BS in Marketing from the University of South Florida and an MBA in International Business from the University of Bristol in England. She also maintains the Project Management Professional (PMP), Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP), and Certified Scrum Master (CSM) credentials. Stephanie is big on tech community involvement!  Most recently, she served as an elected board member to the Agile Alliance, a non-profit organization with global membership, committed to advancing agile development values, principles, and practices. In addition, she serves her local community as an organizer for Tampa Bay Agile, the largest and most active tech Meetup in the area, and the annual Agile Open Florida event. In 2016, Stephanie was awarded Tampa Bay Tech’s Technology Leader of the Year and the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s BusinessWoman of the Year (Tech) and Emerging Technology Leader of the Year. View all posts by Stephanie Davis

4 responses to “Sprint Planning, Team Capacity Calculator

  • dcbain

    Interesting. So ideal days and ideal time for your team members? 8 days? Mean 2 week sprints with 2 days off of the top for R&R, planning? Other than varying “hours off” are the team members dedicated or also committed at varying levels? Did this originate as a means to begin to shift your teams from a more traditional resource allocation model towards dedicated, stable teams?


    • Stephanie

      We do 2-week sprints that run from Monday through Friday. Monday of the 1st week is Sprint Planning and Friday of the 2nd week is Sprint Review; hence, 8 sprint days.

      The team members are dedicated to the Scrum team they are on, but also responsible for support for their product. Support time is always the wild card!

  • dcbain

    Makes sense. A big “amen” to prod support being the wild card. Like the blog. Cheers, -dana

  • sandeepjainblr

    Nice article!

    The free template can be downloaded from

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