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I’m an Agilephile: Contagious or Nauseating?

I’ve been told my enthusiasm for Agile is contagious. I assume that some may find it nauseating.  Yes, I am a tried and true Agilephile!

After 16 years in the project management profession, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut.  Such is the case with any career I suppose … however, not me, not now!  I’m actually more passionate about project management now than I’ve ever been and much of that is due to Agile.  Embracing Agile has really been invigorating to me.  Right now, I’m having the time of my work-life helping the IT organization at Valpak with their Agile transformation.

I see it this way … An Agile revolution is taking place across the world. Agile project management is like the lead singer in the rock band. Traditional project management is like waiting in line at the DMV.  The PMBOK has always been like a set of rules to be followed.  With Agile, it’s all about values and principles.  Almost like a religion, people can become spiritual about Agile by embracing the values and principles and even apply them to traditional projects.

So, maybe I’m contagious to some and nauseating to others.  I’m an Agilephile!

Agile Limericks

Besides green beer, what better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day than with a few fun limericks.  With that in mind, I’ve created some Agile limericks for you to enjoy.

As you may recall, limericks are short, witty (sometimes raunchy) 5-line poems with an AABBA rhyming pattern.  Since this may be the first time ever attempted (combining Agile and limericks), please go easy on me.  Feel free to add your own Agile limericks to this post as well.

A Team that has tired of sprints,
Might be sending their PO a hint,
That pace is a matter.
Sprints keep getting fatter.
A pace to sustain the intent.

If the Team had gone with their gut,
They wouldn’t be stuck in a rut.
To accept such a story,
Made the sprint pretty gory,
And next time it won’t make the cut.

As for value, this story had none,
But the stakeholder thought it’d be fun.
With no value in sight,
No one put up a fight,
And never that story got done.

A team member says in a fright,
“An impediment is cause for our plight!”
The ScrumMaster did smell
and let out a yell,
“I’ll squash it with all of my might!”

There was a Product Owner from Naboo,
Constant backlog grooming she’d do.
But groomed it was right,
To her Team’s delight,
And never a story poo-poo.