First Ever Agile Open Florida on June 27th

It’s my pleasure to announce that the first ever Agile Open Florida will be held in St Petersburg, Florida on Friday, June 27th for up to 150 attendees.  Agile Open Florida will be facilitated using the Open Space Technology (OST) format, with the ultimate goal being to … Connect. Learn. Share.

For more information visit,

Free Kanbans For Everyone!

In my role, I have the pleasure of getting to drive our Agile Enterprise efforts here at Valpak.  We are two years into our Agile transformation within IT and are now broadening our reach to the rest of the company.  We are beginning a never-ending journey to become an Agile Enterprise!  With that in mind, I’m working with our VP of HR and our training development team on an Agile Enterprise training event that will be rolled out to each and every department across the company. The intent of the training event is to educate everyone on the values and principles of the Agile Manifesto and to help them to relate Agile to their everyday lives, work and home.  Included in that training will be how Scrum and Kanban (and even Scrumban) are good techniques to help them along in their Agile journey.  But Kanban is certain to be a big hit.  Already, we’ve got Kanbans popping up left and right from some grassroots efforts underway.  We’ve got Kanbans for personal use, Kanbans for managing projects, Kanbans for structuring programs, Kanbans for process improvements, Kanbans for portfolio management, and Kanbans for organizing the work of a department.  Kanbans are so fun and easy to set up I say “Free Kanbans for everyone!”   I even joke … but, I’m totally serious … I have a home improvement Kanban.  It’s great for explaining how Kanban works.  My only issue is that nothing ever moves out of the backlog. :( Damn, I need some new gutters.  Anyhow, I’ve also helped a startup or two establish Kanbans to manage their work … that’s right, lean startup indeed! I’ve also heard of chore board Kanbans.

So, I ask you all … What are some of the crazy, awesome, and interesting Kanbans you’ve seen along the way? Please do share!

My thought is that if everyone with a list would just do a personal Kanban, what an Agile world it would be.  I guess this is a good time to plug an upcoming meetup on the topic of Personal Kanban too:

Free Kanbans for everyone!

Our 2013 Agile Year-In-Review

Another calendar year has passed and we are that much further along in our Agile journey here at Valpak.  Let’s take a quick look back at 2013 …

  • At the beginning of 2013, we convinced our Infrastructure teams to go Agile with a Kanban approach.  To the satisfaction of many stakeholders, Kanban has brought great visibility and accountability to the work of those teams.
  • We surveyed our Agile team members about mid-way through the year and received a 100% response rate and very high marks.  This was a proud moment for us in 2013!
  • In February, a book containing our Agile transformation case study was published: “Managed Agile Development: Making Agile Work for Your Business”.
  • In October, we celebrated a special anniversary of 2 full years of Agile; not just any Agile but full-bore, highly-committed Agile.  With experience comes maturity …  we are now seeing ourselves being Agile and not just doing Agile.
  • The first ever Cox Agile Open was held in November with over 70 people from across Cox companies gathering to connect, learn, and share on the topic of Agile.  I’m looking forward to this year and hoping that Valpak will play an even greater role in the event.
  • Throughout the year we have been continuously improving our implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) including improvements to the Portfolio Kanban and Architecture Kanban, plus refinements to the Quarterly Portfolio Prioritization process.
  • Valpak (along with AgileThought) took over the organizing responsibilities for the Tampa Bay Agile Meetup group and grew membership by well over 300% this year!  We have close to 400 members now and have managed to have one good quality speaker after another each month.  In addition, meetup attendance is steadily growing.  We now have about 50 people come out for each meetup.  For 2014, we are already booked out to the 2nd quarter and looking forward to more sponsored events with companies like Rally Software.
  • Looking back, I published 19 posts to the (this) blog in 2013.  I must say … not too bad!
  • Ryan Dorrell of AgileThought provided Scrum and Kanban training on-demand and as-needed throughout 2013. Training is not a one time thing.  As people come and go, it’s important to make sure they are trained on Agile.  In fact, our HR department is making plans for 2014 to help us spread the good word towards our Agile enterprise vision.
  • This year, 3 of our 4 Agile Project Leaders and 1 of our 5 IT Business Analysts earned their PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) credential.  That makes 5 PMI-ACPs, including myself!
  • Last but not least, we can’t forget about the many Agile tours we gave in 2013 to (among others):
    • Cox Media Group VIPs
    • AutoTrader
    • New York Life
    • Catalina Marketing
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

What a year for us!  Here’s to being Agile in 2014 and continuing our journey.

Agile Transformation Success Story at Valpak

Agile Transformation Success Story at Valpak

The latest blog post from Mike Kavis on Valpak’s Agile transformation story.

First Ever Agile Open at Cox

Okay, so I’ve been slacking for a few weeks on my blogging.  I encountered a wonderful impediment (just to keep this Agile) … I got engaged!  Now, I’ve got visions of sugar plums dancing in my head or rather bridal gowns and flowers and wedding cakes … you get the picture.  So, now to catch you up with more Agile related topics.

This month, three of my cohorts (including my boss and CIO, Chris Cate) and I attended the first-ever gathering of Cox companies on the topic of Agile.  You see, we are all part of the Cox Enterprises family of businesses.  Valpak and are part of Cox Target Media.  Cox Target Media is part of Cox Media Group.  Cox Media Group is part of Cox Enterprises. You keeping up … Cox Media Group happens to include some very experienced Agile companies like Kelley Blue Book and Manheim Auctions as well as some just getting started like AutoTrader and VinSolutions.  70+ people from these various business units came together to connect, learn, and share on the topic of Agile.  It was totally awesome!

The event was sponsored by Kelley Blue Book in Irvine, CA over a 2 day period applying the Open Space Technology (OST) meeting format, in keeping with the Agile spirit.  The meeting followed the Four Principles of OST …

  1. Whoever comes are the right people.
  2. Whatever happens is the only thing that could.
  3. It starts when it starts.
  4. It’s over when it’s over.

… and encouraged The Law of Mobility (also known as the “Law of Two Feet”) … “If you are not learning or contributing where you are, find a place where you can learn or contribute.”

My Valpak cohorts and I did a whole lot of sharing of our Agile transformation story, now two years in.  As it turns out, we were probably the quickest full-scale transformation across the companies and that got some good attention.  At many points, we found ourselves the center of attention fielding questions left and right and encouraging others along in their Agile journey. It was definitely a feel-good moment for us.

If you are part of a large enterprise (like I am) and you’ve done something like this, please do share.  Leon Sabarsky of Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC comes to mind.  I know that he is working with the other Blue Cross Blue Shield companies on Agile.  Or, if you are part of a large enterprise and looking to supercharge Agile across business units, give this Agile Open concept a try and let me know how it goes.

Happy 2nd Anniversary of Agile at Valpak!

Two years ago this month Valpak went full bore, head first into Agile with our software development teams, applying mostly the Scrum methodology with some instances of Kanban.   Now, two years later, Valpak continues to embrace and uphold the Agile values and principles.

We’ve made it all the way to Sprint 46, but who’s counting?  In the past two years, Valpak has delivered thousands of valuable stories  to our stakeholders including franchises, merchants, consumers, and corporate.  We continue to scale Agile up and across our enterprise.  Our infrastructure teams now apply Kanban to manage their work.  We’ve got business departments like Marketing and the Franchise Financial Consultants applying Kanban as well.  We’ve got our executive team applying Kanban at the portfolio level to manage epics as part of our Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).  Not to mention the use of personal Kanbans popping up here and there to stay organized.  Some other notable accomplishments and contributions over the past two years include:

  • An Agile transformation case study contributed to the book “Managed Agile Development: Making Agile Work For Your Business” by Charles G. Cobb.
  • An Agile transformation video produced and published to YouTube.
  • Tours of the Agile framework, as it is applied at Valpak, provided to the likes of Catalina Marketing, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC, New York Life, and AutoTrader to further inspire their Agile transformation efforts.
  • Open sharing of experiences by blogging on anything and everything Agile right here at .
  • Sponsoring and organizing the Tampa Bay Agile Meetups providing top quality topics/speakers, food, and facilities consistently month after month.  In fact, this meetup group has grown by 300% in just 18 months under Valpak’s leadership.

Throughout this time we have made an example of ourselves.  Valpak is now a benchmark for Agile transformations within the Tampa Bay community and well beyond.  As we begin to roll (or shall we say sprint) into year 3 of our Agile journey, we continue to work towards being an Agile enterprise.  The cultural change to be an Agile enterprise is constantly a work in progress and the journey never really ends.  Each day, we just try to be a little more agile than we were the day before.

Valpak To Sponsor 2013 BarCamp / CodeCamp … See You There!

Valpak is thrilled to be sponsoring BarCamp / CodeCamp Tampa Bay again this year.

For those of you that have been living in a cave, BarCamp / CodeCamp is probably the largest FREE (yes, I said FREE) technology event in the area, bringing out almost 1,000 people to the USF College of Business.  BarCamp is a one-day unconference with topics and presenters for just about any technology and internet interest.  CodeCamp is a one-day meeting forum that allows software developers to share their knowledge and experience with Microsoft products and services.

Valpak is sponsoring a room and the best meal of the day … breakfast!  When you grab a donut, be sure to look for some of us Valpak-ers lingering about and say “hi” and take a flyer.  We created a flyer (pictured below) that tells you a little more about us.  And yes, that is a robot with an overbite.

Come out and join us to learn, network, or even share your experiences by presenting on a topic that interests you.  I would love to see more Agile-focused topics this year!  Also, our CIO, Chris Cate, will be giving his talk “I Bought A Startup! The Story of Cox Target Media’s Acquisition of” as well.

You can register for BarCamp / CodeCamp at .  Be sure to register in advance, so you’ll get your meals, snacks, and a free T-shirt!



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